Unblocking access from IP in BrainyCP

A small note on the topic of IP blocking.

I decided to try a new code editor so that it would be more convenient to work with Twig and of course the main condition is support for working via FTP. Decided to try Sublime Text with SFTP first. After setting up the server, FIG knows how often this muck was blocked on the server, but as a result, access from my IP address was blocked. After talking with the hosting TP, I found out that this is a block on the server somewhere exposed. To remove it, do the following:

We go to the BrainyCP control panel through a proxy or, more simply, through Tor. We see that everything went fine, go to the section Network - Manage IPTables

Immediately in the first tab, you can do a search and enter our IP in the search bar of the browser, from which it does not let us in. As soon as we find the rule (in my case there were two), click on the button on the right - Delete rule.

After that, at the top, Save all changes and restart just in case.

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