Creating a backup via SSH The example of timeweb hosting shows that sometimes the backup system does not work very well, to put it mildly, and when you need to do it "for yesterday", long correspondence with technical support adds only hassle.

The way out of this situation is to create a backup copy of the desired directory via ssh with the command

tar cf archivename.tar website_folder_name

If the directory is large, there may be some restrictions on hosting and you will have to use the following commands

tar -cf - website_folder_name | pv -L 2M > archivename.tar


tar -cf - website_folder_name | pv -L 2M -cN tar -s $(du -sb website_folder_name | grep -o \'[0-9]*\') > archivename.tar && echo "END"

The second option is notable for the fact that it has a status bar and displays the END message at the end of the archive creation. The 2M value can be increased to approximately 20-50, depending on how the hosting allows you to do this.